Aly & Fila - Quiet Storm (Album)

Artista: Aly & Fila | Anno: 2013 | Genere: Trance Music


01. Laily (Intro) (feat. Karim Youssef)
02. Running Out Of Time (feat. Chris Jones)
03. Mysteries Unfold (feat. Sue McLaren) 
04. Speed Of Sound (feat. Tricia McTeague)
05. Fireisland (with Solarstone) 
06. End Of The Road (feat. Jaren) 
07. Daydreaming (vs Arctic Moon)
08. Mother Nature (feat. Rafif)
09. First Sun 
10. Your Heart Is Mine (vs John O'Callaghan feat. Eli)
11. Quiet Storm (feat. Sue McLaren)
12. City Of Angels 
13. Brilliant People (with Giuseppe Ottaviani)
14. Without You (feat. Susana)

15. Tula 
16. Where To Now (Outro) (feat. Sue McLaren)